Let me create the perfect soundtrack for your next project! Whether you'd like to hire me for a full contract, or for a one-off composition, I'd love to get in touch with you & figure out how we can work together.



Full Soundtrack Contract

Getting a composer in on a game from the start is hugely important, especially if music plans on being an integral part of the experience. Get in touch with me early, and I can work with you and your team to concept out the music & style you're going for. When it comes time for implementation, I can put my design experience to use and work with you to make every cue and transition perfect.


One-off Commission

Not all projects need a full soundtrack, or perhaps only need one or two additional pieces of music to really bring it together. Perhaps a main theme, or an end credits theme? Let's discuss the piece as an up-front commission rather than a long-term contract, and I can give you an estimate right away!